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Rovering is all about bringing people together, discussing crazy ideas, and then tackling them in the most ridiculous way possible. Here’s your opportunity to engage the young energetic Rovering community with your ideas, thoughts and opinions.

Whether it’s that expedition you went on, a new idea for Rovers to try, a thought provoking discussion, an accomplishment by your crew or just a silly camp theme idea, this is the place for it.

We’ve got Two Whole Options for you

Option the First. If you have just a one off article/picture/poll/video, you can send it directly to

Option the Second. If, however, you’d like to become a regular contributor, contact to talk about receiving an account.

The Rules

Both options have the same rules

  1. The Scout Law and Promise apply.
  2. No Camp babies.
  3. You are allowed controversial opinions, so long as you are articulate and can back them up.
  4. All submissions will go through a review process. Mostly just for spelling, grammar, quality and formatting.
  5. If you have a half formed idea, we can assist in fleshing it out.
  6. Unless you have a really good reason, every article should have at least one visual.
  7. If there isn’t at least one humorous element to be found, you’re doing it wrong.
  8. The rules will change

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