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The Chicago Project

As with most days of the week, I have a crazy idea.

This one has been slowly growing in momentum. It isn’t fully fleshed out, but it does have some research behind it.

The idea’s history can be traced back to almost a year ago to during Desert Bus for Hope 3. At some point during this highly addictive to watch marathon gaming session telethon fundraiser, the organizers pointed out that a gaming podcast had interviewed them about their endeavor. The interview is the first 13 minutes. The podcast, “A Life Well Wasted”, is fantastic in the way it covers the stories of creators, users and games as an art form. Desert Bus happen be starting a fourth go at the fundraiser for Child’s Play on November 19th, and if past years are anything to go off of, should finish around six to seven days later! Last year they raised over $140,000 alone. Make sure to check them out.

Now that wasn’t the particular podcast episode that was the inspiration. The next episode, “Episode six – Big Ideas”(NSFW), is where this kicks off. Now as a note, the part that inspires me is safe to listen to, (24:35-40:00) but the latter part is “Not Safe for Work“. I cannot recommend listening to the Big Games part of the podcast enough. It is the single link you must follow from this article.

In summary, a group put on a city wide game, called The Big Urban Game, where everyone could participate by looking in the newspaper that day and sending in their choice. The game was three giant 25 foot high inflatable game pieces that raced about the city. The choice the public got input on was the route each of the pieces would make, which they could find in the newspaper. This creates a new way of thinking about your city since one would have to think out possible routes in light of hills, low overhangs, traffic and other potential obstacles.

This further developed into “The Big Games Manifesto” which tosses out the old paradigm of games in computers, for games with computers in them. Now Scouting has been doing mass real world games for years. Wide games. The interviewee spoke about how it would be interesting to even develop the idea of games for 200 people.

So this is what I want to do. A real life, city wide game. But with a purpose. That’s the Scouting way.

Fun with Purpose

So while this idea has been percolating in my brain for the past five months, I’ve come across more articles and videos that either back up this idea or have given me more clues to the final product. Continue reading

UBC AdvertisINC’s Insight Conference

What happens when you get 45 university students to sink their teeth into marketing Scouts Canada?

You get nine wonderful and energetic plans on how to help recruit more young adult volunteers for our movement. To get us there, the participants got marketing industry speakers, workshops and testimonials from fellow students on their own in-the-field experience. Finally, they got to hear from us, revealing who the mystery case study would be.

UBC’s AdvertisINC (The first student-run, non-profit marketing agency in Vancouver) put on the Insight Conference, and they put on an amazing line up of speakers. These guys do good work. If you ever have the need to do marketing in Vancouver, consider them. They have Warner Brothers and Coca Cola as clients!

When it was our turn, we gave a brief 7 minute background on our organization, and then set them up with today’s question: How can Scouts Canada attract post-secondary young adults to become volunteer leaders?

They were given 50 minutes (which was unnecessarily cruel in my opinion) in their groups of 3-5 to come back with a plan. Then each room of three groups battled it out to advance to the final round. They were graded by industry professionals and Scouts Canada representatives on content, use of market segmentation, budget, how to differentiate from the competition, creativity, estimation and the presentation itself. Nine teams entered, three survived.
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It starts with Scouts

Last month Scouts Canada announced a new tag line and branding.

Out with “Creating a Better World” and in with “It starts with Scouting”.

Now I really liked the improvement in discourse “Creating a Better World” had over the last, last tag line, “Bring on the Adventure”.

“Bring on the Adventure” was ok in my opinion, but many of our competition could also claim the same results. It didn’t differentiate ourselves from everyone else. With “Creating a Better World”, we had an ideal that we held up for the world to see, and get behind. Its message spoke stronger to adult volunteers and senior sections than Adventure did, whom are our more difficult market to reach. We don’t have a problem recruiting young youth into our organization (That’s another article coming up soon), so we should take what opportunities we can to reach to our more difficult, yet more critical markets. Our organization grew up and publicly exclaimed we go beyond just fun and games.

However, it’s out with Orange, in with the five new Element colours. Yes, a Captain Planet parody is screaming from my head. Perhaps, that too, can be a future article.
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Richmond Salmon Festival

[slideshow]We had a highly successful booth at the Richmond Salmon Festival, which also happened to be Canada Day. With over 75,000 attendees, quite the opportunity to impress the community. For the second year in a row we set up a large rope bridge with a booth at the front with  information and big images. We talked to quite a few families, got 87 names to paper, and about 180 kids over the bridge.

Check out the pictures above to get some flavour of the activities.

Silly Paparazzi

Apparently I am famous or something now. (3rd off last)

May 10th Recruitment Update

Status This post Last post Change
Registered 25 17 +8
Fully registered and active in MMS (the database)
Hot Lead 41 35 +6
Has done a group visit and is going to register or is somewhere in mid registration (missing PRC, interview, etc)
Lead 64 65 -1
Has been talked to about Scouts and has expressed interest
Recruitment Booth 28 28 0
An individual who put their name down for more information at a recruitment booth
Potential 48 49 -1
An individual a crew member has identified as a possible recruit

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April 18th Recruitment Update

Status This week Last Week Change
Registered 17 14 +3
Fully registered and active in MMS (the database)
Hot Lead 35 32 +3
Has done a group visit and is going to register or is somewhere in mid registration (missing PRC, interview, etc)
Lead 65 52 +13
Has been talked to about Scouts and has expressed interest
Recruitment Booth 28 0 +28
An individual who put their name down for more information at a recruitment booth
Potential 49 103 -54
An individual a crew member has identified as a possible recruit

Some Notes

You can see quite a few people have moved up the food chain, and that we added a new category. Continue reading

A Scouts Canada Elevator Pitch

A wha..?

An elevator pitch.

As I said, a wha..?

It’s a really short, condensed explanation of what your organization/product does, and how it’s different than the competition. The premise is that you may one day get the lucky opportunity to take an elevator ride with a high-roller, and you only have 30-60 seconds to explain why they should care about it.

The more concise and focused the better. 200 words tops is one estimate.

So here’s my crack at it for Scouts Canada

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Recruitment Update

100 Leaders

You may be wondering about the recruitment category. Last August, the Council Crew decided on their own, that one of the best ways to help Scouts Canada fulfill it’s goals, was to recruit more leaders. Scouts Canada hasn’t had a problem finding new people. We’ve had a retention problem (that’s for another post). One of the best way we can help the front line leaders is by bringing in more leaders to help them; reduce the burn out.

So what we set for our goal was to recruit 100 New leaders who are aged 18-26. Youth Leaders. Leaders who will bring energy to the program. Leaders who will, if we treat them right, last for years to come.

So the obvious question,

Where are we now?

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The 20 minute post

I have issued a challenge to myself to write this in 20 minutes.

Clock’s ticking.

Spent this morning talking about the information session we are having next week. We were able to get to three recruitment events this week. Making up for lost time I guess. Previous one was early February. Almost the entirety of my time at that meeting was devoted to explaining the ins and outs of mailchimp to one of the other Rovers so that he can take over duties as Editor in Chief of event invites and monthly newsletters. It was quite a lot to learn at once, but I’m sure enough of the spaghetti stuck.

I did learn something valuable today. Well a few things to be correct, but one I’m going to highlight here.

Through out the day there was some pretty consistent chatter between the team as details came up. At one point the last batch of e-mails came in, and I got them into the e-mail system. Since they were the final piece to the puzzle, I sent the e-mails out. What I did was wrong; a fundamental error on my behalf. Can you guess what it was?
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