Future Post Ideas

Future Post Ideas

Below is my personal list of post ideas that I want to write. I had kept this page secret, but now I’m opening it up. There is no guarantee that anything on here will be written, or written in a way you interpret it to mean.

  1. How Rovers has changed – ie. They haven’t
  2. How to pick your team
  3. Philippines International project
    • More description, stories and lessons learned
    • Pictures
    • Videos
  4. Recipes
    • Granola bars
  5. We don’t have a recruitment problem, we have a retention problem
  6. Event Logistic Specialists
  7. More on what the Council Crew does on a day to day basis, in order to give more flavour to those outside the crew
  8. Rover Round Table
    • What’s possible
    • Award scheme and how it’s actually in the Rover handbook
  9. Youth involvement / activating people
  10. The Rover Outpost
  11. Book reviews
    • Cluetrain Manifesto
    • Fabled Service
    • The Creative Habit
    • Alpha Dogs
  12. Upcoming Expeditions
  13. Updated Elevator pitch
  14. Comparison of Rover vs Venturer projects
  15. Recruitment numbers updates
  16. Crew Census
  17. Ted Type Talks Tonight
  18. The Subway Initiative
  19. Search & Rescue Crew
  20. Recruitment issues and ideas
  21. GTD
  22. National Leadership Summit
  23. Roverlution Manifesto
  24. Major Rover Award
  25. A Rover Doesn’t Just…

Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.

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