My 2011 year in review

Well, it’s been a long time coming since my last full article. Without much further ado, here’s my

2011 Scouting Year in Review

ie. I Didn’t Realize You Can Fit All Of This Into One Year


Ozmoot, Surf Moot and Australia

Simply amazing. Adventure, and to do so with old and new friends alike is the definition of Scouting. To see two well run events by Rovers, for Rovers, was empowering and exciting. The stories and lessons learned will continue to serve me for years to come.

Trainer 2

The weekend after getting back from Australia was the first of three weekends to learn how to be a level 2 trainer. Lots to learn, and really helps to focus the teaching. Still have to go as a trainer to more courses in order to get my third bead. Should get that done in 2012.


Focus course

I had the pleasure of training a third Focus course in 6 months. The fellow trainers who came out to assist me really stepped it up, given that I was out of town for the month prior. Couldn’t have done it without them. Oh, and the participants were awesome too.


Wow! What a totally amazing, excellent discovery!

Applied to be DCC-Communications

I wanted to make the next step, and applied for a Council position. While I ultimately did not get the position, the opportunity taught me a great deal that can be applied to so much in my future life. Funny how that happens with Scouting.


The new Major Rover Award

I was honoured over the previous few months to work with a cross Canadian team to develop a new Major award for the Rover program. We delivered our final report in March, with an addendum from another working group a few days later. The National level taking an interest in developing the Rover program is exciting, and in my humble and not biased opinion, the right way to grow the entire organization.

National Leadership Summit in Toronto

Flew out to Toronto to the National Leadership Summit, and again, had a blast. Went to do business, (a certain property, and the new Rover award) and to meet people from across the country. Getting that many passionate people into the same room, having them all hear the same message, really brought our movement forward. Our success can only come from the grass roots level all pulling in the same direction, and that weekend really helped to do just that.


Nite Hike

A very successful NiteHike for the 18th Seymour Venturers who put on a dance-off station.

St. George’s Day Rover Forum

What better day to have a Rover Forum? Pulled the Rover Moot sign out for the first time in years, and proceeded to break it. We should definitely have this event again this year.


Focus.. Again

Another Focus course, and another round of great Venturers and fellow trainers. Learned just as much from those taking the course as I taught them. (Note: It is entirely impossible to not say “Come on, Focus guys. We gotta Focus.” while planning Focus. Impossible.)

Skeeter, and a Wedding

A memorable wedding to say the least! KC and Eddie’s wedding was a full on Scouting wedding, happening at camp, in uniform (for the Groom and his groom’s men) and outdoors. The reception and dinner afterwards instantly gave me the feel of a banquet at the Shire the moment I lay eyes on it. So many great ideas that I am very much stealing ..ahem, borrowing for my wedding; the least of which will be the “Capture the flag for the Garter”.


Drove the Chief Commissioner

Steve Kent, Chief Commissioner, and Doug Reid, DNC-Program, came to visit Vancouver and our crew. I was fortunate to chauffeur him around all day, on a very busy day indeed.

Co-MC’d the Council’s Gala Dinner

A fantastic night, recognizing so many of our success stories.



How does one even begin to sum up PJ? Friends, Adventure, and outdoors galore. I feel more at home in that setting than anywhere else. The constant challenge to overcome, the intensity of the memories, and the spark of energy that drives you through the entire thing. It was magical to spend so much quality time with friends. The whole experience really rekindled my conviction to build a Rover apartment/neighbourhood.

180th Rover Crew’s long weekend Retreat

Another stimulating, energizing planning retreat by the 180th. This time was a long weekend, giving us a bit more time to play with. So instead of just a one year business plan, we developed three year’s of targets and the business plan for year one to get us there. The mental energy required for this kind of discussion left too many of us with our brains leaking out of our ears by the end of weekend, but the group of 18 came out of that weekend like firecrackers. First thinking what kind of impact we want to make, then setting the targets, the strategy and the actions needed in turn, is very different than how most people operate their daily lives. The lessons learned spin your world upside down, and you never see the world the same again.


Girl Guides of Japan Visit

30 Girl Guides from Japan spent a week in Vancouver, and we got to home-stay them, and show them around. Definite highlight for me was taking them out in groups on Kayaks, and letting them loose. The weekend camp was made all the more special by having a certain someone there with me.


All Good Things…

And with the stroke of midnight, I was a Rover no more. But as the sub-title to this site declares, “Once a Rover, Always a Rover”. I do not see that as marking the end of my Rover career, but as marking the begining as my Rover Advisor career; one I take on with full ambition. I wasn’t sure how the transition would handle; by others, and most importantly by myself. So far, I’ve embraced my new role, its responsibilities and requirements with open arms. There is no qualms in my heart, for I see things from the big picture. I can make a bigger impact as a Rover Advisor, than as a Rover.

One does not measure a generation of Rovers by what they accomplish, but by what the help the next generation accomplish. My generation of Rovers fails if the next generation are not Bigger, Better, Bolder in their actions.

Eleanor Oakley takes on the mantle of Council Commissioner

This is a good thing. Eleanor will help to bring in a different style of leadership that has been de-emphasized in the past that is much needed to our Council. I’ll leave it at that.

Mardi Gras

Another successful MG. Pretty sure that makes my 10th MG.


BC Rover Moot

In 10 years time, this event will go down as the #2 remember-able event from this year, after Australia. The team that put this together was in constant contact with each other everyday, driving to get to our targets. We fulfilled every one of them, and it couldn’t have been possible without the entire team pulling together. Over 40 people out for the 1st BC Rover Moot in over 20 years, and a sense of a community coming out of it. Couldn’t have asked for much more going into it. Onward to the next one!


Presentation to the National Leadership Team

Our crew was invited to present our story to the National Leadership Team during their weekend in Vancouver. This opportunity was unique and rare, as the NLT has a very busy schedule when they meet, and almost never sees presentations. The preparation work the team did was at level unlike what we’ve ever done before. While grueling and draining, the efforts paid off, as the impact we made on the NLT was palpable. We spent over 45 minutes answering their probing questions, and would have spent more if they had more time.

What a crazy year! Going back over my calendar blew me away at what I accomplished this year. I had forgotten more than I remembered.
Interestingly, December doesn’t have anything listed. Perhaps this is why I feel disconnected slightly from my Scouting life as of late. I’m so use to a high level of activity, that a few weeks of nothing feels like eternity.

Knowing my life, that won’t last very long.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful year of Scouting, and here’s to a joyous, prosperous and impactful 2012 to all of you.

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