G’Day Mate!

Hello from Australia

Many of you know, but perhaps not all, that I am currently down in Australia for OZ Moot and Surf Moot. OZ Moot is the Australian National Moot (think jamboree but for Rovers) which this year is in Adelaide. You can follow me along with my GPS tracker as I gallivant across the country side. I’ve already uploaded some pictures and made short comments about my trip to date. To sum it all up, OZ Moot has been a blast.

Today is day 11 of the camp, Toga party night. I’m headed off to a Zoological reserve in an hour, then it’s back for dinner and the inter-contingent challenge cup. The bar opens at 7:30 and won’t stop till the early morning. Canada really needs to get off this whole dry events stuff.

More photos and posts in the days to come.


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