New Major Rover Award

A recent monthly bulletin from our Chief Commissioner announced the opportunity to join the team developing a new award for Rovers in our country.

Which means there will be a new top-tier award for Rovers, akin to the Chief Scout and Queen’s Venturer!

So naturally I applied (on the last day possible)?.
B.P. must have been smiling down on me that week, because I was accepted onto the team of eight from across the country.

But enough about me, lets talk Rover Award!

So what is this new Award?

At this point, here’s all we know. The National Leadership team struck together this team to return with recommendations in February. They are very open to possibilities. It could be one single badge/award, a series of awards with one top tier Award (Scout and Venturer program leading up to their respective top award), or even the same award, but with different levels (Duke of Ed or the old school Scout chevrons). Those are just some examples, not hard limits on what the final product could be. The possible result is very open.

Knights + Bling = ??

Our recommendations then go before the Council Commissioners, Council Youth Commissioners, and National Service Team for their final decision.
They are looking for the content/requirements, a name, and a badge design.

That’s where you come in!
We need your input, your ideas, your opinions and your nuggets of wisdom.

  • Should it be one award that’s called “Certified Zulu Warrior Award”, which requires you make it from one side of the country to the other via the Trans- Canada trail?
  • Should it be a direct copy of the Australian and other Commonwealth countries and call it the Baden Powell Award?
  • Should we create a whole badge system for Rovers, and have the final award require so many of the other be complete first?
  • What is a definite must that a Rover should have to prove capable of to graduate, essentially, from the Scouting program?
  • What general categories should be included?

This article will be up a few days before some already batted around ideas are showcased. This will help bring out raw ideas, not influenced by already conceived ideas.

There should be some discussion on the forum and the forum.

This man should be our Chief Scout

I will hunt you down

Most likely, but no guarantees. I will be making it my goal to try to talk to as many Rovers as possible over the next few months. Personal conversations bring out the highest quality material, but just aren’t physically possible with everyone. The onus is on you to get me your ideas.

4 responses to “New Major Rover Award

  1. Can we call it the MacGyver Award? Great post though, I’m going to share this with my crew.

    I agree that getting as much input as possible from Rovers will be crucial for its success: we can make an award, but we can’t make them do it if they don’t like it. The forum topics are a great idea, but in my experience they tend to only attract the vocal minority, and between us we can only visit so many crews. Do you think there would be any value in trying to do a Nation-wide survey, to get input from many of the people we wouldn’t otherwise hear from? I could set up an online survey on my crew’s website easily enough, and then it would just be a matter of promoting it. Just a thought… let’s see how much input we can get before next meeting, though.

    Mike (the team member from NB)

  2. You know the reason that Rovers has only had a single award? Because BP felt that once he had become a Rover (or Rover aged), you’re an adult and shouldn’t need awards any more. Not to say there’s no place for recognition, but individual achievement awards such as the Cub Stars, Chief Scout, etc. were unnecessary. I agree with him.

    There’s also a team looking at a similar award for Cubs. Does the six-star award not work?

    Basically, I don’t understand why we have all these expected changes (they’re planning badges for Beavers now too!). If it’s in an effort to gain new members, I believe it is misguided – but change always makes people feel good. As at the PCC Service Team meeting: one of the three goals was “change”. And frankly, that’s what it feels like is being pushed through Scouts Canada right now. Not direction or purpose or what have you, but change it make us feel good that we are moving forward – when really we are just running in place (in these aspects).

    • Sorry Trever,

      But BP did have badges in the orignal version of Rovers. In the Orignal Rovering to Success there are the following Badges:
      1. A1 Rover Scout Ranking
      2.Rambler’s Badge
      3.Instructor in Scouting Subjects
      4.Rover King’s Scout
      5. Ranger Cords, there are six of these

      Robin (the Team Leader from Edmonton)

  3. I really like this idea. As a person who is a self-proclaimed overachiever, I like having goals and earning things.

    A Rover award should be quite challenging, after all, we are adults.
    I would like to see it include things like:

    Service in Scouting and outside of Scouting ( Ie: being a section leader and volunteering for X hours in the community – possibly related to scouting (like painting the fish on drains in uniform) but not necessary (reading to the blind or helping the eldery with groceries for example).

    Camping/expeditions -much like the Duke of Edinburgh’s award, with a practice before the actual trip, and have guidelines of travel/methods, etc. Prepare report, share with crew.

    Personal betterment – Pick a goal like learning a new skill, or changing to a more active lifestyle, qutting smoking/swearing or somehow bettering yourself for X time (6wks to 6 months?)

    Scouting Skills – demonstrate your knowledge of the Organisation somehow – do a show/tell for a younger section, make a game telling some aspect of Scouting history for a younger section. Lead a campfire at a large camp (Large could be 30+ participants) and tell a Scouting legend/story/something. Other skills could include: Be able to lash a tripod/towel rack/table for cooking on. Know how to use an axe, hatchet and knife safely. Know how to use a stove (propane, white gas, other) safely. Know how to light and care for a fire.

    Name ideas?
    Rover Excellence Award
    Canadian Rover Success Award
    The Red Béret

    That’s my two cents. Hopefully this will come out before I age out!

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