1 Knight Stand

Ceili’s Pub Night

What are you doing October 29th, the Friday of Halloween Weekend?
You will more than likely be sitting at home handing out candy, or standing for hours in line for a club.

How would you like to cut through that line on one of the busiest nights of the year?

Ceili’s Irish Pub is offering us tickets to their “1 Knight Stand” party.
Not only do you get in, you go on the guest list. Meaning, no line up.
Now what would you normally pay for this kind of service? $30? $20?
Well do we have a deal for you.
For the low low price of $10, you get cover and the experience of walking passed hundreds and walking straight into the event.

Now call us crazy, but that’s not all.
We’ll even throw in the first drink if you get there before 9. That’s right, free booze.

So lets recap. You get:
The experience of walking past hundreds of others waiting in line, straight into the pub
Halloween costumes
Hot Halloween costumes
First drink
Hot girls and guys in hot Halloween Costumes
All for $10

Plus there will be a strong Rover community presence.

If you want in, and you’d be a fool to not want in, contact me for the hook up at Nick -at- pccrovers.com.

Ceili’s Irish pub is located at 670 Smithe Street, (Corner of Granville and Smithe)

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