Sechelt Inlet Kayak Expedition – Day 2


Wake up without the need to travel.


Glenn & Doug shared their skills with us. Glenn covered light weight backpacking. Heard the tales of Bruce Knight who builds his own light weight gear. Backpack is made of parachute material, his sleeping pad is the back support and the poles to his tent are the structure of the pack. This was shown at a leaders club night. Glenn’s advice is to have only what you need. Before the trip split the gear into 2 piles. Need & Nice. After the trip split the gear into used and not used. Light weight packs should be aimed for 1/8 your weight.

Doug put on a brilliant photography skills session, covering classics for composition such as 1/3rds rule, power points, flashes and ISO. Learned about the brilliant option on camera for slow synch flashes which is used for low light conditions with one bright spot. Took lots of abstract photos I plan on framing onto my apartment walls.

Saw a mink (or similar) dash out onto the beach and dart back to cover midday.

Had a sharing meal that night. Brownies, freeze dried ice cream, barley risotto, polenta, chicken tacos, and sausage & pasta. Had a very relaxed campfire till late at night.

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  1. I like the abstract photos, especially the sun-bleached shells. What sort of cameras did you guys use?

    • All of the abstract pics you see here were shot on my point and shoot Canon SD1100. One of the reasons they turned out the way they did was from the high saturation from the sun. Being on a beach midday, mid-summer cuts out a lot of shadows.

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