Presidential Race Part 5 – Commitments

Reanimated B.P.

Umm, I think were just getting silly now...

5.There is a significant time commitment involved in the role of PCC Rover Crew president. Do you have the full support of your friends and family in taking on this position? What other positions are you holding both inside and outside of Scouting?

As of this writing, I do not have any other positions within scouting besides the Council Crew and my home Crew of 18th Seymour. Outside of Scouting I have work till the end of July, and studying at the University of British Columbia from September onward. While still not confirmed from UBC yet (should hear during the first two weeks of July), I would be taking a lighter load of only four courses per term. During my time off from my studies, I have saved enough money to not need to work during the school year, and have freed myself from that distraction. I will not be working at all while studying.

I have the full support from my family and friends, both outside and inside the organization. My friends have been very encouraging with my decision to run for the President of the Crew. They have heard me talk about the crew, and have in no uncertain terms reminded me that I have the passion, expertise and vision needed to lead the Crew to new heights. I aim to prove them right.

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