Recruitment Update

100 Leaders

You may be wondering about the recruitment category. Last August, the Council Crew decided on their own, that one of the best ways to help Scouts Canada fulfill it’s goals, was to recruit more leaders. Scouts Canada hasn’t had a problem finding new people. We’ve had a retention problem (that’s for another post). One of the best way we can help the front line leaders is by bringing in more leaders to help them; reduce the burn out.

So what we set for our goal was to recruit 100 New leaders who are aged 18-26. Youth Leaders. Leaders who will bring energy to the program. Leaders who will, if we treat them right, last for years to come.

So the obvious question,

Where are we now?

Registered 14
Registered and active in MMS (the database)
Hot Lead 32
Has done a group visit and is going to register
Lead 52
Has been talked to about Scouts and has expressed interest
Potential 103
A person a crew member has identified as a possible recruit

As you can see, we have quite a few individuals lined up, but we have to close more. If we were to take the registered (14) and be able to finish all of the Hot Leads (32), we would be up to 46. A note about the Hot Lead category. Quite a few of these have started the registration process, but only once they have all the PRC’s, interviews, reference checks, etc can they be upgraded to Registered. At this date we are 8 out of ten months into the drive (June 31st deadline), and at best 46 out of the 80 leaders we should be at. Not shabby, but not on track either.

So the lesson is not that people don’t want to join Scouting. We can get people, Rover aged to be accurate, interested and active in Scouting.

We just have to learn to better nail them down follow up and get them through the system.

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