Always a Rover…

I live Scouting.

Whether as a Rover in multiple crews, as a Beaver leader, as part of a small team to start a local Round Table, or just on the street, I spend every waking moment living, breathing and acting on what Scouting has taught me to stand for.  I don’t recite the promise every day, but it does come to mind every so often. I use it to guide my actions more than most outside of Scouting would not understand.

This site will be my outlet.  If so much of my life is Scouting, then so too must be my thoughts.  You can expect to read about my (many) current projects, my experiences, and lessons learned.  In depth articles about issues and concepts will stand side-by-side with shorter fun blurbs.  There may even be guest articles, photos, videos, prizes and podcasts.

One thing is for sure, together we can create a deeper understanding of the issues of the day and solutions that all can agree are win-win.

On my Honour.

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