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FOCUS Training…. In Winnipeg!

I won a free trip to Winnipeg! Oh wait…. Winnipeg

Landing Right Between the Bugs and the Cold

This weekend (extended out till Thursday) I’ll be out in Winnipeg teaching a FOCUS course with three fellow Rovers from Vancouver. We were invited over there through an on going working relationship with the Manitoba Council that started a few years back. Also, because we rock.

The ~20 youth coming to this weekend are not only getting our highly enthusiastic FOCUS training, but they are also learning about the Duke of Edinburgh and Scouts of the World Awards. Somewhere in the mix of all this we’ll be cramming in two hikes.

Now, the trick with all youth is to tire them out during the day so they don’t stay up all night. With Venturers, it just takes more work. Those poor kids have no idea what’s coming for them.

The Twist

We’re going to be trying a unique format for this course. As per usual, the youth are from a smattering of groups. However, the task before us as trainers is to hopefully create a sense of a group amongst these youth. The organizers plan is to have them tackle some sort of project (of their own decision) as a group after we leave. The spin is that we will help them come to some form of decision by lunch on Friday, and then spend the rest of our FOCUS time to start to work on the planning.
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