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Latest Version of the New Top Rover Award – Your Thoughts

All right folks, it’s time to step up to the mic, and have your voices heard. The team has been hard at work designing the new top Rover Award, and we need your input.

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Questions, comments, wording issues, complete disagreement with sections or requirements, requirements being not hard enough or too easy, something we missed all together; you name it, we want to hear it.

The award is broken down into six sections, which we are recommending are made into separate badges a Rover is required to earn before receiving the final Award. One option on the table is to combine sections into larger badges (Service & Leadership, Physical & Personal Development) so that there are four sub-badges before earning the top award.

Have at it! This is your award!


  • All projects must approved by the individual’s crew (or appropriate body) prior to commencement.
  • Upon completion, each individual requirement will be evaluated and approved by the crew (or appropriate body).
  • All requirements must have proof of involvement. Trip logs, reports, photographs (with captions), newspaper articles, thank-you letters, and play programs are some examples of appropriate proof.
  • The major projects should not be used for more than one requirement.
  • Two (2) reports on projects of your choice must be shared with a different Rover crew or scouting group, in addition to your own crew.
  • After the crew has approved the completion of all the award requirements, the Rover Award shall be reviewed by a higher body. Each Council should develop a youth adjudication procedure for the final award that fits their situation. If possible, the award should be reviewed by a sub-committee of a council or area Rover Roundtable, consisting of past award recipients – from various crews – and an Advisor.

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The North Star Award & other thoughts

Following up on the last post, I’ve done some chatting with some fellow Rovers and would like to share what I have so far. I’m not going to reiterate what was posted there, only what was audibly discussed off-line.


  • Whatever the final product is, it should be treated like a Masters. You go before a board of distinguished senior Rovers (and Advisor) and present your work. Now this work won’t be all new to the board, since a proposal was made to them some time before in order to check that the work would clear the standards. The senior Rovers are not adversarial, but are looking out for the best interests of the applicant. The board’s job is to push the applicant beyond their current abilities. The award should be judged at the council level, ideally by the Rover Roundtable.
  • A National archive of what Rovers have done to complete the award would be amazing. Pride for the individual, as each Rover’s work is celebrated. Exposure for the movement, as we showcase our finest to outsiders. Inspiration for younger members and Rovers, looking to one day complete the award themselves. A general ability to keep standards high across the country, due to transparency. Imagine talking to the media, and having a large reservoir of mind blowing stories of what our organization does at our senior section.
    • eg. This year alone we had 20 young adults travel to Mexico to help their counterparts re-forest 200 hectares of land, a group hiked the trans-Canada trail giving workshops along the way, a third spearheaded the planning and building of a new park in Manitoba, an international youth conference for over 600 participants was planned and executed, and another group put on a successful theatre production that sold out their entire two week run. All of these examples and more can be found online at our site …..

    See more suggestions and the North Star

New Major Rover Award

A recent monthly bulletin from our Chief Commissioner announced the opportunity to join the team developing a new award for Rovers in our country.

Which means there will be a new top-tier award for Rovers, akin to the Chief Scout and Queen’s Venturer!

So naturally I applied (on the last day possible)?.
B.P. must have been smiling down on me that week, because I was accepted onto the team of eight from across the country.

But enough about me, lets talk Rover Award!

So what is this new Award?

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