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One Year Anniversary for!


This started one year ago, today. From something that first started as a small flicker in my mind, became reality within days, and has grown into the influential site that it is now, I am humbled by the response. God forbid it goes too long between updates, and suddenly I start getting bugged about when the next article is to go up. The year brought everything from fierce dashes of activity (five posts in a week), to dry spells (Summer for example). For one stretch I even had a regular schedule, but life is such that it’s always changing.

While it has been slow for new posts lately, there has been a steady increase in views of older posts; particularly those dealing with Rover structure and organizing were quite consistent. I like to think that some posts are timely, only speaking to those living that moment, while others are timeless. Those last type fill a niche of knowledge that one sees rarely elsewhere.

To date there have been three authors on this site, but the goal for Year Two is to expand that roster by quite a bit. Imagine ten authors each posting once a month, creating a vibrant atmosphere of dialog and knowledge sharing. Let us not get too lost in the potential of the future, for tonight we celebrate the accomplishments of the past!
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Entering the Ring: Newest author – Andrew Wallwork

Today’s article is kind of different. I didn’t write it.

Instead, it was written by Andrew Wallwork, and he is the first official author to join this site.

His bio:

Having started Scouting as a Brown Tail Beaver, Andrew has been present in the Scouting universe ever since. Moving through different groups to get exposure to the multiple styles of Scouting, Andrew is the recipient of the Queens Venturer Award, the Commemorative Centennial Medal, the Medal of the Maple and the Medal for Good Service. He has also attended a National Jamboree and an Asia Pacific Regional Jamboree as part of the 180th Pacific Coast Rover Crew.

These days he is a Scouter at both the group level, involved with the 180th Pacific Coast Rovers and a few super secret projects which will be revealed in the not so distant future.

I’d like to welcome Andrew to the site, and I look forward to reading his future articles.

-Nick Pearson

I said Don’t push the little red button

It’s been almost a week since my last post, which does not help my cause, nor my attempt to post 3 times a week.

Alas, not one but two of my computers are currently Borked. Yes that’s the technical term.

What is left is my phone, which is where this post is coming from. I do have a few posts in the pipeline, and should be able to get three out before I board an airplane on Saturday.

Always a Rover…

I live Scouting.

Whether as a Rover in multiple crews, as a Beaver leader, as part of a small team to start a local Round Table, or just on the street, I spend every waking moment living, breathing and acting on what Scouting has taught me to stand for.  I don’t recite the promise every day, but it does come to mind every so often. I use it to guide my actions more than most outside of Scouting would not understand.

This site will be my outlet.  If so much of my life is Scouting, then so too must be my thoughts.  You can expect to read about my (many) current projects, my experiences, and lessons learned.  In depth articles about issues and concepts will stand side-by-side with shorter fun blurbs.  There may even be guest articles, photos, videos, prizes and podcasts.

One thing is for sure, together we can create a deeper understanding of the issues of the day and solutions that all can agree are win-win.

On my Honour.