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Program Ideas 2– Administration

The second in my who-knows-how-long-series at lesser known and cared about parts of the Rover (and Venturer) Program. The first was on Environmental Stewardship ideas.

Much of the other program quality areas rely on the basic Administration of the Crew. Let’s see what the minimums for program quality are in this area and look at each individually and…

I assure you, I know 20 Rovers bursting into song right now.

I assure you, I know 20 Rovers bursting into song right now.

seriously, though

Program Ideas 1 – Environmental Stewardship

While I’m in the middle of taking my Woodbadge II for Company and Crew, it occurred me there aren’t a lot of resources on the more obscure parts of a well-rounded program.  All parts of the Venturer and Rover Scout Programs are important, but some like camping or service get a lot more attention than topics like conservation or even simply administration of the Company or Crew.

So this will be one of many in a series of improving various aspects of youth programming at the Venturer and Rover Scout levels.

Environmental Stewardship

Leave No Trace Canada

The main thing I find that gets attention from companies and crews when talking about the Environment is Leave No Trace. From the simple, “pack in what you pack out” to more elaborate codes of conduct, it can have various meanings for various activities. Leave No Trace Canada is a “national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships.”  Otherwise a perfect outside agency to learn from for being experts in their field.  They offer various levels of training, an awareness workshop which covers the basics, and trainer certifications to put on the workshops.

Venturer Scouts can take the course which can satisfy various requirements:

  • Contribute to Section 4-f of the Exploration Award
  • Section 3-c,i of the Outdoorsman Award
  • Contribute to requirement 3 of the old World Conservation Award

Rover Scouts can take the workshop, or even take the trainer certification and put on courses for Venturer Scouts in the area.  Besides, it never hurts to get a refresher to use when you’re planning your exploration events.

[Editor’s note: A LNT session will be put on by your’s truly at the upcoming Mash Moot, and is available to put on courses upon request.]
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