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April 18th Recruitment Update

Status This week Last Week Change
Registered 17 14 +3
Fully registered and active in MMS (the database)
Hot Lead 35 32 +3
Has done a group visit and is going to register or is somewhere in mid registration (missing PRC, interview, etc)
Lead 65 52 +13
Has been talked to about Scouts and has expressed interest
Recruitment Booth 28 0 +28
An individual who put their name down for more information at a recruitment booth
Potential 49 103 -54
An individual a crew member has identified as a possible recruit

Some Notes

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Recruitment Update

100 Leaders

You may be wondering about the recruitment category. Last August, the Council Crew decided on their own, that one of the best ways to help Scouts Canada fulfill it’s goals, was to recruit more leaders. Scouts Canada hasn’t had a problem finding new people. We’ve had a retention problem (that’s for another post). One of the best way we can help the front line leaders is by bringing in more leaders to help them; reduce the burn out.

So what we set for our goal was to recruit 100 New leaders who are aged 18-26. Youth Leaders. Leaders who will bring energy to the program. Leaders who will, if we treat them right, last for years to come.

So the obvious question,

Where are we now?

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The 20 minute post

I have issued a challenge to myself to write this in 20 minutes.

Clock’s ticking.

Spent this morning talking about the information session we are having next week. We were able to get to three recruitment events this week. Making up for lost time I guess. Previous one was early February. Almost the entirety of my time at that meeting was devoted to explaining the ins and outs of mailchimp to one of the other Rovers so that he can take over duties as Editor in Chief of event invites and monthly newsletters. It was quite a lot to learn at once, but I’m sure enough of the spaghetti stuck.

I did learn something valuable today. Well a few things to be correct, but one I’m going to highlight here.

Through out the day there was some pretty consistent chatter between the team as details came up. At one point the last batch of e-mails came in, and I got them into the e-mail system. Since they were the final piece to the puzzle, I sent the e-mails out. What I did was wrong; a fundamental error on my behalf. Can you guess what it was?
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VCC Greenfair Recruitment Event

Another day another recruitment drive.

Ok, so it’s been a few months since I’ve done one of these. I really do enjoy talking to people about Scouting. Many people don’t know about Scouts, and to be the one to introduce them is quite the honour and responsibility. The fun doesn’t necessarily come in talking with people, but in honing my abilities to send a truly powerful message to another human being. It’s a game. How can I convince my audience that what I’m describing is something they should value. What key words will put them over the top to make them do an action. Take a pamphlet with them. Perhaps put their name and contact down on paper for more information. What would it take to get them want to visit a group or register right there.
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