What does one do with a passion?

They try to share it. They seek others with complimentary passions. They do everything they can that would benefit their passion, and stop anything that would harm it.

Mine is Scouting.

I once gave a workshop presentation where I explained that our passions fuel us. We can go further, faster and better towards a goal we are passionate about. On top of that, dreams fuel our passions. So dream bigger. Don’t settle for something that can be done in a day or a week. That’s not a big enough dream. Dream Bigger.

This site will be my way of sharing my dreams, and my ups and downs as they come to life. This site is about connecting with others who share my passion. This site is my way of helping Scouting reach it’s potential.

If you share this passion, I invite you to join in. Submissions are welcome and encouraged. Scouting is a community based organization, and discussion of it should be too.

Nick Pearson

18th Seymour Rover Crew
Pacific Coast Rover Crew

Nick@OnceARover.ca | Twitter: @CotP_DoM

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