Roverlution – The Teaser

Getting the Right Shit done. Right.

“By Rovering, I don’t mean aimless wandering, I mean finding your way by pleasant paths with a definite object in view”
-Baden Powell

“A Scout is active in Doing good, Not passive in being good.”
-Baden Powell

“The largest Beaver Colony in the world isn’t going to inspire anyone to stay in Scouting.”
-John Simpson,

“Development, Development, Development, Development”
-Me, channeling Steve Ballmer

We all have dreams. We all have ideas. We all have things we want to do.

We all profess to want them, to see them become reality; yet rarely do they all.

As a Youth Development Movement, we should be at the forefront of creating highly motivated, creative, empowered, healthy, fulfilled, professional, and effective young adults; by giving them the experience and know-how to shape the world around them to manifest their dreams.

The ability to get things done underpins all successful endeavors. Unfortunately, this ability is not born natively. The most effective way is by being taught the right way how, getting hands on real life practice, and receiving proper feedback from trusted mentors/coaches. This is something Scouts Canada can excel at, and what the Rover program should be centred around.

The Roverlution is to take our current beloved organization to the point where it is recognized and revered internally & externally as THE organization to get ahead in life; teaching people the fundamental skill of getting things done by using their passions as the vehicle to practice with.

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