Sechelt Inlet Kayak Expedition – Day 1


We just made the 7:25AM ferry

The line was stopped in front of us. The staff asked how long we were. We clocked in at 40″ (kayak trailer), while the car behind us was 42″. On we went. The car behind us did make it on, but only by having to go on sideways.

We looked at a provincial park to launch from, but went with the government wharf. Took some time to get going, but we did beat the couple that had to go for gas. Most of the group went off to visit a shop nearby and returned (after more then enough time) with sandwiches, cat food & a pond net for fishing. Ellen (the wife that stayed behind to guard the parking spot) grew up in Spokane and ate oysters and muscles. Now why this is pertinent is a discussion about the red tide warnings. She was quite adamant that she grew up eating them for years during the summers, and never had a problem. Just before we launched a massive (30″?) canoe was trailer-ed in and launched.

One of the doubles did try to make a run for it. I had to take the other double (only other kayak in the water) out on my own to rescue it. Felt like an astronaut strapped to the front of a huge rocket. Steering was…unique. Once all loaded up, we made our way up the inlet on the West coast till we crossed at 4-mile point. Stephen and Glen in one of the doubles sync up well and take rest breaks to allow the group to catch up. Doug & Laura will sync better with practice. Jill has a Fully loaded kayak single that shows no white bottom. I’m in the other single plodding along.

We are traveling ~4 knots; against the tide, but with the wind. Non-paddling speed is 1.2 knots in the general direction we are heading. Tried out the second VHF but it doesn’t want to work. Jill can feel the difference in the water between a shallow & deep stroke with the tide & wind in opposite directions. I think she’s crazy.

Picked up some tips from Jill on catching/riding the waves in the water to make it easier. Stopped for half an hour in the bay just North of Tuwanek Point. Had to adjust my foot pedals twice, but finally felt like one with the boat. The wind picked up as we headed for 9 Mile Point. Rounded the point after scoping out 9 Mile Point Park from the boats. Wind was now calmer (but not glass) in this protected section. Stopped on a beach for ~ one hour. At 7 PM we headed back for Nine mile Point Beach. Winds were still quite strong in the main straight. Quite the slug fest to make it to our destination fighting the head winds and whitecaps. Beat the drums in my head to maintain a speed of 2.8 knots. Practiced stroke movements Jill had taught in REC1 a few weeks prior. 1 – Core – Core – 2 was the beat.

Landed with roughly 20 minutes of direct sunlight before it disappeared behind the mountains. Went with dry clothes first, while others went with their tents. Stephen, my brother, and I cooked Chicken and rice in a wonderful peanut sauce. The bear cache was hilarious.

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