April 18th Recruitment Update

Status This week Last Week Change
Registered 17 14 +3
Fully registered and active in MMS (the database)
Hot Lead 35 32 +3
Has done a group visit and is going to register or is somewhere in mid registration (missing PRC, interview, etc)
Lead 65 52 +13
Has been talked to about Scouts and has expressed interest
Recruitment Booth 28 0 +28
An individual who put their name down for more information at a recruitment booth
Potential 49 103 -54
An individual a crew member has identified as a possible recruit

Some Notes

You can see quite a few people have moved up the food chain, and that we added a new category.

  • As new contacts come into our count, they will start in either Potential or Recruitment Booth, depending on where we have our first contact.
    • The Potential category is for our friends and people we meet outside of recruitment booths. Recruitment Booth is fairly straight forward.
    • The difference is that we have talked to Recruitment Booth individuals and they have shown interest (ala Leads) but not all contacts from a booth are as legit as other sources of recruits.
    • They won’t be counted any differently once they have visited a group and are willing to register.
  • A few names have been removed from our list as they have backed down from showing interest.
  • Two recruitment events have happened since the last update on the 4th of April
    • Zenith Youth Conference – 27 Names
    • A particular Langara class on Sports Leadership if I’m not mistaken – 8(?) Names

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