A Scouts Canada Elevator Pitch

A wha..?

An elevator pitch.

As I said, a wha..?

It’s a really short, condensed explanation of what your organization/product does, and how it’s different than the competition. The premise is that you may one day get the lucky opportunity to take an elevator ride with a high-roller, and you only have 30-60 seconds to explain why they should care about it.

The more concise and focused the better. 200 words tops is one estimate.

So here’s my crack at it for Scouts Canada

Scouts Canada is the largest youth development program in Canada with 100,000 members, and the world with 28 million members. Our co-ed program has been around for 100 years, goes from ages 5-26, and focuses on three main aspects: Leadership, Environmental Stewardship, and Active Healthy Living. We accomplish this with games, activities and meaningful service projects all with an outdoor edge. Not everything is outdoors, but we use it to enhance the experience. Awareness of the reality around them comes to light when outdoors. We truly believe in learning by doing, and do so by creating safe places to fail. Unlike many other programs, we develop not only the individual with life skills, self competence and self confidence, but also the group as a whole with shared experiences, team work, youth active in peer-leadership roles, and a growing reliance on the youth to make decisions in an age-appropriate manner. All this while having fun, of course.

Now it’s your turn.

What did I miss? What clearly is out to lunch?

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