The 20 minute post

I have issued a challenge to myself to write this in 20 minutes.

Clock’s ticking.

Spent this morning talking about the information session we are having next week. We were able to get to three recruitment events this week. Making up for lost time I guess. Previous one was early February. Almost the entirety of my time at that meeting was devoted to explaining the ins and outs of mailchimp to one of the other Rovers so that he can take over duties as Editor in Chief of event invites and monthly newsletters. It was quite a lot to learn at once, but I’m sure enough of the spaghetti stuck.

I did learn something valuable today. Well a few things to be correct, but one I’m going to highlight here.

Through out the day there was some pretty consistent chatter between the team as details came up. At one point the last batch of e-mails came in, and I got them into the e-mail system. Since they were the final piece to the puzzle, I sent the e-mails out. What I did was wrong; a fundamental error on my behalf. Can you guess what it was?

What I did wrong was so basic. It isn’t about me anymore. It’s about the new Rover. He should have been the one tasked with getting those e-mails out.

Yes I could do it in half the time. Yes I can trust that I would put in the right segmenting conditions so that the 7 people who already got the email today didn’t get a second copy. But now he is no better at his task, and I’m still stuck being the only one who can/has done it.

At my stage, Scouting is all about sitting on your hands. I should have created a safe environment for him to fail, and give him the bat. It’s a typical human response when things have a pending deadline, and I fell for it; hook, line and sinker.

So this is my Lesson of the Day

So long as they don’t drive the car off the pier, Give others the chance to fail. Be there to pick them back up, point out what they did wrong, and send them forward with the good old Proddin’ Stick.

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